WizKids Announces Gargantuan Tarrasque Figure Coming in 2022

The tabletop miniature designers at WizKids have announced that next year's centerpiece mini – in the vein of the recently-released Gargantuan Tiamat centerpiece figure – will be one of D&D's most notorious giant monsters: the Tarrasque.

"This has been the number one request from fans since we started making D&D miniatures," said Patrick O’Hagan, the Executive Producer of RPGs at WizKids. "The Tarrasque is legendary. There hasn't been a high-level campaign I've been in that hasn't had to deal with a pesky ‘destroyer of the world’."

The "mini" is planned* to stand just over 11" (280mm) high – in D&D tabletop terms that's the size of a five-story building – a little over 15.5" long, and weigh roughly seven pounds (even the Dragon Queen only clocked in at just over five!).

The Gargantuan Tarrasque is available for pre-order on Amazon or directly from WizKids, and is expected to ship in the Fall of 2022.

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*WizKids has said the exact size and weight of the figure is potentially subject to change during the course of design/production.