Rockstar makes all Max Payne 3 and LA Noire DLC free on PC in surprise updates

Rockstar has been doing some work behind the scenes on some of its most beloved games.

In what started out as a bit of a snafu, Rockstar has turned into a feel good moment for fans. Yesterday, Rockstar’s games got accidentally pulled from Steam.

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The sudden removal was spotted by PC Gamer, and it’s not unlike the recent Steam store bug that deleted several game pages, including Vale’s own CS:GO. Nevertheless, Rockstar games such as Max Payne 3, GTA 5, and even recent releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 were completely unavailable for purchase on Steam for a few hours.

Things eventually went back to normal and the pages were restored, and with them, Rockstar also – accidentally – brought back Midnight Club 2. The classic 2003 racing game had been delisted years ago, but this brief window made it possible for some players to actually buy it, before Rockstar realised it had brought back an extra game in the process and delisted it again.

This all appears to be connected to Rockstar’s decision to update Max Payne 3, and LA Noire. Both games received patches on the same day to make all of their add-ons available to players for free, and end support for 32-bit operating systems.

In LA Noire’s case, this doesn’t apply to The VR Case Files, just the base original release. It’s at least a happy ending to this 24 hours of weirdness.

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