Minecraft Caves & Cliffs | Where to find Axolotl, Glow Squid and Goats

With the long-awaited release of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, three new mobs are coming to the game for you to find and interact with: Axolotl, Glow Squid, and mountain Goats.

All of the new mobs spawn in their natural habitat, scattered across the entirety of both the surface and underground of your Minecraft world.

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It’s only natural that you’ll want to find these new Minecraft creatures as quickly as possible, so here’s where to look.

Where to find an Axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotl usually like to stick to the water, and they do in Minecraft as well.

To track down the elusive Axolotl, you need to search under the surface for underground water lakes.

You can typically find water lakes everywhere from just below the surface all the way down to the bottom layers of the world.

When part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update drops, you’ll also be able to find Axolotl in Lush Caves.

To reflect the Axolotl’s real-life ability to regenerate itself, in Minecraft, they can ‘play dead’ once they take a certain amount of damage and regain health before coming back to life.

Where to find a Glow Squid in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

Glow Squid used to only spawn in dark areas deep underwater.

But now, just like Axolotl, Glow Squid will spawn in underground water sources like water lakes.

They’ll still have their unique glowing appearance, so you’ll be able to spot them even without a torch.

Where to find Goats and Screaming goats in Minecraft

Goats are being added to the Mountain biome of Minecraft, and you’ll be able to find them wandering around the snowy peaks.

Goats will have special pathfinding capabilities, meaning they can avoid falling into damaging powder snow by jumping over or moving around it.

There’s also a small chance that mountain Goats can spawns as a very rare and super loud ‘Screaming Goat’ which constantly makes noise.

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