Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things All Players Should Know (Mass Effect 1)

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In this Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tips and Tricks Guide: 10 Things All Players Should Know, I’ll be talking about several things that can make your Mass Effect 1 experience much better. Mass Effect 1 is an action-packed RPG with multiple Skills, Weapons and Armor customizations to strengthen your Squad. You can save yourself a lot of time by understanding the basic concepts of how the game works, and what you should be doing in specific scenarios.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things All Players Should Know (Mass Effect 1)

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players will choose their Military Specialization or Class, which will determine the way they play the game from start to finish. They will then select the Skills or Talents and Abilities for their character, as well as the Weapons, Armor, and Mods to improve their builds. Despite how straightforward Mass Effect 1 seems, there are a couple of strategies that are relevant when it comes to choosing the right Class, as well as finishing quests in order to gain the right amount of XP and successfully fighting enemies. I’ll be dividing this Guide into three major sections, specifically, Character Creation, Character Advancement, and Combat.

10. Identify The Best Class For Your Playstyle

There is a total of 6 Classes to choose from in Mass Effect, each with their own set of Specialties and Talents. These are classified as Combat, Tech and Biotic. Combat Specialists excel in dealing raw firepower damage thanks to their various Weapon Proficiencies. Tech Specialists hack and debuff enemies to interrupt their tactics, and lastly, Biotic Specialists capitalize on manipulating mass effect fields in order to immobilize targets.

ME1 Infiltrator Class

The following Classes are proficient in one or two of these Specialties:

Soldiers – They are Combat Specialists because they can masterfully wield all Weapons. As such, they have the highest Weapon Damage output of any Class regardless of their proximity from the enemy. Soldiers also have the highest durability since they’re the only Classes that can equip Heavy Armor. Additionally, they have high HP and they can naturally regenerate it at a faster rate. The Soldier is a good starter Class if you intend to go for a full shooter build.

Engineers – They are Tech Specialists who hack into computer systems and repair the Mako, which is a vehicle used for exploring planets. In combat, their forte lies in debuffing enemies by weakening the effectiveness of their Weapons and Shields. They can only wear Light Armor, making it imperative that they stay away from enemies. The Engineer is an ideal Class if you wish to disrupt the tactical strategies of your oponents.

Adepts – They are Biotic Specialists who utilize mass effect force fields in order to employ crowd control techniques and to disable enemies while dealing massive amounts of damage. Like the Engineer, they can only equip Light Armor. The Adept is a good Class to play if you wish to throw and to lift enemies off the ground in order to make them vulnerable and useless in combat.

Infiltrators – They are Combat and Tech Specialists who are masters of quickly eliminating and disabling enemies at mid and long-range distances. Unlike Engineers, they focus on a multitude of Skills including a mix of decryption and firepower. The Infiltrator is an excellent Class to play if you prefer to deal multiple head shots from afar thanks to their Sniper Rifle Proficiency. Moreover, their survivability is notable since they can wear Medium Armor.

Vanguards – They are Combat and Biotic Specialists who rush towards enemies and unlike Infiltrators, they take them down quickly and aggressively at close-range. They can also equip Medium Armor, and they can further enhance their durability with Biotic Abilities. The Vanguard is an ideal Class if you intend to distract and to run near enemies in order to deal burst damage up close with a Shotgun.

Sentinels – They are Tech and Biotic Specialists who make use of advanced healing and debuffing Abilities to fully support their Squad in combat. I wouldn’t recommend the Sentinel Class if you’re new to Mass Effect 1 because it’s difficult to master. Most of the time, you’ll be relying on Squadmates or Companions to inflict high firepower damage. Additionally, you’ll hang back trying to execute Tech and Biotic Abilities since you only have access to Light Armor.

Note that you cannot change Classes so be sure to select the one you’re interested in playing the most. Additionally, you have the option to import your character from this game into Mass Effect 2 and 3 so you can continue playing the same Class.

9. Take Advantage of Weapon Proficiency & Bonuses

The 4 Weapons that are available to you are the Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. In the Legendary Edition, the accuracy and damage penalties from the original game associated with equipping Weapons that certain Classes have no proficiency in, have been abolished. This means that you’re free to use any of these 4 Weapons regardless of the Class you choose.

However, improving Weapon performance via Talents is still present. For example, if you’re an Engineer, you only have proficiency with the Pistol. To enhance its accuracy, you’ll have to put sufficient Talent Points into its corresponding Pistol Talent. If you were to switch to a Sniper Rifle, which you’re not well-trained to use, you can still shoot with it but you won’t get additional accuracy and damage perks since you don’t possess the Sniper Rifle Talent. Because of this, it’s best to stick with the Weapons your Class is proficient in, so you don’t miss out on the bonuses.

ME1 Pistol Talent

Among the 4 Weapons, the Pistol is the most versatile because of its well-balanced, has high damage per shot, Shots Before Overheating, and accuracy attributes. Note that in this game, you don’t use ammo. Instead, they utilizes the Shots Before Overheating stat to determine the number of shots a Weapon can fire before it becomes unusable in order to disperse heat. After cooling down for a few seconds, you’ll be able to use the same Weapon again. What’s also great about the Pistol is that all Classes are proficient in using and enhancing its features.

ME1 Weapon Selection

Additionally, the Sniper Rifle is also an excellent Weapon because of how high its damage output is such that you can frequently one-shot enemies. However, there are two disadvantages to using it. First is the Sniper Rifle’s low Shots Before Overheating attribute of at most 2 shots prior to cooldown. And second is the limited availability of the Sniper Rifle Talent, which is only accessible to the Soldier and Infiltrator, so you won’t be receiving accuracy and damage bonuses, as well as the Assassination Ability to maximize damage if you’ve chosen a different Class.

8. Turn Auto Level-Up Off

Before you start playing the game, you’ll decide which Auto Level-Up option to choose, whether it should be Off, Squad Only, or Squad and Player. I highly advise turning this off since it’s much better to manually add Talent Points to the Talents you wish to rank up. This goes for both Shepard and Squadmates.

If you turn Auto Level-Up on, points will automatically be allocated to all Talents even for those that you don’t want to improve, leaving you with an unoptimized build and Squad composition. As an example, for Classes that possess more than one Combat Talent such as Soldiers and Vanguards, Auto Level-Up will equally distribute points to all these Talents. In effect, you will not be able to immediately gain access to Weapon Abilities like Marksman and Carnage for Pistols and Shotguns, respectively, thereby losing out on precious accuracy, heat generation, and damage buffs at earlier levels.

7. Gather Your Squad

As Commander Shepard, you’ll recruit a total of 6 Squadmates, most of them are available in the first 3 hours of the game. It’s essential to talk to all of them after every main quest or Mission in order to cultivate deeper and lasting relationships, which will impact the entire story. The more interaction you have with them, the more XP you’ll get.

Additionally, being enthusiastic and supportive about their thoughts and decisions will eventually lead into developing romantic relationships. However, at the end of Mass Effect 1, you can only have one love interest.

It is imperative to recruit all six Companions so you don’t miss out on any of the character developments. One certain Squadmate is in the Artemis Tau Cluster so be sure to recruit them first before moving on to the other Missions outside the Citadel.

ME1 Ashley Williams Intro

Note that you only bring 2 Squadmates at a time when you explore planets and accomplish quests. If you choose a Class that doesn’t have Electronics and Decryption Talents, make sure to bring a Squadmate or two with these Skills. Maxing out either Talent is necessary.

Electronics allows you to hack locked objects like computers while increasing Shield Strength for enhanced survivability. Decryption lets you use Omni-gels to override security systems in order to gain access to locked containers if you can’t hack your way through. The more you unlock systems and containers, the higher the extra XP you obtain. Moreover, you’ll also get Weapons, Armor and Mods that are equally useful in improving your character’s capabilities.

ME1 Decryption

When you explore other planets, your Squad will ride the Mako Vehicle, which protects you from harmful environments. Frequently, you will also face enemies that will target and damage the hull. Ranking up the Electronics Talent also repairs a larger portion of the worn out Mako.

5. Complete As Many Assignments As You Can

Another way of increasing your Squad’s XP is to complete as many Assignments as possible. In the Legendary Edition upon choosing the Classic Mode, Level 50 is no longer the cap so you can exceed that number. This will help you allot more points into ranking up your Talents and unlocking Abilities. I recommend finishing a lot of Assignments after gathering all 6 Squadmates. This way, your entire Squad will be more prepared in dealing with bosses when you continue other Missions.

ME1 Sniper Rifle Shot

6. Manage Your Inventory

In the Legendary Edition, the inventory’s size has been increased but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t manage it. In between Missions, Assignments, and explorations, you will accumulate a ton of stuff in the form of Weapons, Armor, and Mods. Instead of being penalized for exceeding the allowable weight capacity, you will be forced to convert said items into Omni-gels.

Make sure to sell most of these for credits, which is the game’s currency, to the Normandy Requisitions Officer beforehand, rather than scrambling to get rid of the new materials you’ve gathered. As you play more, you’ll be able to afford manufacture licenses, which will give you access to purchase higher quality gear from Merchants.

Additionally, it’s also important to maximize the capacity of Medi-gels you can carry because you’ll be using this a lot to heal yourself. HP recovery doesn’t come naturally, except for the Soldier Class.

4. Shoot With The Mako

One of the biggest improvements in the remaster involves utilizing the Mako in combat. It’s no longer essential to leave this vehicle to attack hordes of enemies yourself in order to gain extra XP. Using the Mako’s guns or shooting with your own Weapons will yield the same amount of XP. As such, it’s best to capitalize on the Mako’s Cannons and Machine Guns as these will efficiently and effectively eliminate enemies due to their sheer power.

3. Always Upgrade Your Gear

Weapons and Armor can sometimes be purchased from Merchants or obtained from locked containers. The roman numerals beside the Equipment’s name indicates its level. For example, the HMWP X Master Spectre Gear possesses higher damage, overheat, and accuracy stats than the HMWP VII.

To enhance your gear, you’ll have to keep switching to better versions of Weapon, Ammo and Armor Mods. Weapon Mods improve your Weapon’s accuracy and stability whereas Ammo Mods focuses on dealing different damage types such as raising your Shield bypass capability and inflicting extra damage against Synthetics or robotic enemies.

Both Weapon and Armor levels and Mods are available to Shepard and Squadmates. Make sure to upgrade all of these before diving into Missions and Assignments to ensure that you’re more than ready to kill strong and weak enemies alike.

2. Bring the Right Squadmates With You

When you take 2 Squadmates with you, make sure to select those with Skills you don’t have. As a Soldier, it’s advisable to pick one Squadmate who is a Tech Specialist and another who uses Biotic Abilities. This is so you’re prepared to disable and to immobilize your enemies, thereby making encounters much more manageable.

ME1 Kaidan Squadmate

When you’re in combat, it’s very important to utilize the Tactics HUD. This feature allows you to pause the game in order to identify the Squad’s best course of action. From the Tactics HUD UI, you can command Shepard and your Squadmates by swapping to the right Weapons and choosing Abilities to weaken targets.

ME1 Tactics HUD

1. Utilize Shields, Covers and Fatigue

Shields is the main Armor in the game. What usually happens is that this protective layer gets damaged and depleted first before the character’s HP but there are some deadly Mods like the Proton Rounds, which penetrates Armor in order to diminish said HP.

This is where hiding behind cover becomes a huge help to protect yourself from incoming attacks. These covers can be walls or big scattered objects where you can crouch from. Moreover, shooting from a crouched position also increases the accuracy of your Weapon.

ME1 Cover

Note that you won’t have to destroy the enemy’s Shields in order to hit them with your Tech and Biotic Abilities. On the other hand, they can also do the same to you. Between the two, Biotic Abilities are very annoying since you will get stunned for a couple of seconds, which could be a matter of life and death.

In cases when you must run towards an enemy or an adjacent cover, you’ll be making use of Storm Speed. This is expendable and consequently, you’ll experience Fatigue, which slows down movement. Because of this, it’s essential to prevent this from creeping up by running in short bursts, otherwise, you become vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Knowing these 10 tips and tricks will help you persevere in tricky situations. It will allow you to pursue succeeding encounters with ease as you learn how to effectively utilize the strengths of your entire Squad.

Stay tuned for more Beginner Guides for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and be sure to check out the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Wiki if you have questions about the game!

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