Call of Duty: Warzone massively reduces Stopping Power drop rate

Raven Software has drastically altered the drop rate for the field upgrade Stopping Power in Call of Duty: Warzone with this week’s mid-season update.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stopping Power, the upgrade allows you to reload your current weapon with more powerful rounds that dish out extra damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in your sights.

Players have been calling for Raven to modify and balance the upgrade for a while, complaining it reduced the already controversial TTK in the game to a frankly trivial level.


“Given Stopping Power’s efficacy and lack of counter play options, we felt its power level was at odds with its availability,” Raven said in the patch notes.

“We want to create more scenarios where a measured choice about how and when to utilize Field Upgrades is not just rewarded but encouraged. There was hardly an incorrect way to apply Stopping Power – which we felt took away from the satisfaction of optimal or strategic use. Our hope by drastically reducing its presence within Warzone is that we introduce a small strategy-based control. Those who loot efficiently increase their odds of finding it.”

So if you’ve been getting good kills with the upgrade on the field, don’t fret – it’ll still be there… you may just have to search a bit harder to find it. This update comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s alterations made in Black Ops Cold War’s PvP mode, where snipers were drastically rebalanced based on fan feedback. It’s nice to see Activision studios seem to have their ear to the ground when it comes to implementing community-led changes, then.

There have been other large changes in the patch, too. Perhaps the biggest is to the suppressor attachment, which the team at Raven reckons will have “widespread effects” on the game at large.

“The suppressor now offers you another viable attachment choice in the muzzle category with a focus on different stats. For example, where effective damage range is less of a priority (e.g., submachine guns) you would almost certainly take the suppressor,” explains Raven. “Or perhaps you have more than enough bullet velocity (e.g., ZRG 20mm) and you want to shore up a weakness in handling. These are the types of compelling decisions we want to continue to develop.”

Raven isn’t finished yet, either. The studio outlines an “important adjustment” is coming to solo battle royale modes in the “very near future” – here’s hoping it’s an overhaul of the meta in the mode that’ll actually make it an attractive prospect for players once again.

The full patch notes are available at the link.

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