Apex Legends devs detail Seer’s abilities in full

Apex Legends devs detail Seer’s abilities in full

July 29, 2021 Apex Legends’ Seer abilities have been fully detailed.

The Apex Legends Season 10 release date is nearly here, and the devs have fully detailed what to expect from Seer’s abilities in the new season. Seer’s kit is all about tracking enemies in real time, and his loadout is looking mighty powerful.

Seer’s Passive, Heart Seeker allows him to track enemies within 75 meters while aiming down sights, by visualising the direction of their heartbeats. His Tactical, Focus of Attention summons a blast of microdrones that will reveal enemies for a few seconds, including their health and armour bars. The initial blast also interrupts enemies, including healing efforts. Finally, Seer’s Ultimate, Exhibit creates a sphere of drones that’ll reveal any enemies moving inside. You can avoid being spotted by this ability by moving slowly and not firing your weapon.

As previously announced, this season introduces a ranked Arenas mode, which should help alleviate some of the mode’s problems with quitters. We’re also getting a map update for World’s Edge, and a new weapon with the Rampage LMG. The devs have also hinted at some incoming buffs to Crypto, but we probably won’t see much detail on those until the patch notes arrive alongside Season 10.


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